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Vitreoretinal surgery consisting on the eye posterior segment (retina and vitreous body) surgery is performed at OPTIMED.

  • Retina is the basis of the visual apparatus. Its damage can cause the vision inconvertible loss.
  • The vitreous body is a transparent medium providing access of the light beams reflected from objects to the retina, thus influencing the vision quality.

Vitrectomy is a surgical procedure targeted at the changed vitreous body and cicatrix tissue removal from the vitreous body cavity and the retinal surface to overcome its tension and detachment.

Note: the retinal detachment cannot be treated by administering drops, tablets or injections. A surgical vitreoretinal procedure is the only way to save the sense of vision.

Surgical procedure objectives:

  • Rupture detection.
  • Rupture sealing.

Indications for vitrectomy:

  • Diabetic retinopathy.
  • Age-dependent macular retina degeneration (“moist” form).
  • Vitreous body destruction reducing the sense of vision.
  • Hemophthalmia (vitreous body hemorrhage).
  • Vitreous body impairment (opacity).
  • Macular ruptures, vitreomacular traction syndrome.
  • Retinal detachment and rupture.
  • Complications after a cataract surgical management.
  • A foreign body in the vitreous cavity, retina.
  • Significant loss of the vitreous body caused by an open trauma or a surgical procedure.

Contraindications for vitrectomy:

  • Severe coagulation system disorders.
  • The patient’s critical state.
  • An acute infection centering or a chronic infectious disease exacerbation.
  • Retinal detachment caused by a tumor formed in the eyeball.

Conventional contraindications for vitrectomy:

  • Evident corneal opacity.
  • Liability to allergic reactions.

Specific features of vitrectomy:

  • Outpatient treatment, i.e. without the patient hospitalizing.
  • Pain free treatment: a combined anesthesia is applied taking into account the procedure type and duration.
  • An individual procedure duration: the procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 5 hours and depends on the disease stage and form as well as on the disorder grade.

Benefits of vitrectomy at OPTIMED:

  • A qualified vitreoretinal surgeon performs the procedure.
  • Constellation Vision System (Alcon, USA), a high-technology microsurgical equipment ensuring a new standard of surgical procedure control is applied for treatment. High-speed vitreous cutters combined with the surgeon’s ability to control the operation cycle and intraocular tension, along with improved xenon lighting and V-LOCITY efficiency components ensure the high productivity level.

Post-operative period:

  • The patient’s post-operative individual observance (the schedule of the free control examinations is designed by the physician for the whole 6-month restorative period).
  • Compliance with the therapeutic mode and physician’s recommendations.

Recommendations after the treatment are as follows:

  • Exclude any mechanic impact on the eye: pressing, rubbing.
  • Limit driving time until a complete recovery.
  • Amend the visual workload mode: while watching TV, reading make breaks for eyes to have a frequent rest.
  • Protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays: wear sunglasses.
Price of services
  • Macular rupture and vitreomacular traction syndrome vitreal surgery (1 eye)

    3 879,00 BYN
  • Detached retina vitreal surgery (1 eye)

    4 855,00 BYN
  • 0,00 BYN
  • Hemophthalmia and diabetic vitreoretinopathy vitreal surgery (1 eye)

    3 856,00 BYN
  • Removal of the lens dislocated into vitreal cavity with IQ IOL implantation with aspheric optics

    4 328,00 BYN
You will be helped
  • Polyachenkov Sergey Vladimirovich

    Head Physician, Board Certified in eye surgery, Minsk

  • Constellation Vision System, ALCON (США)

    Constellation Vision System устанавливает новый стандарт контроля над хирургией. Сочетание высокоскоростных витреотомов Ultravit с контролируемым хирургом рабочим циклом, контролем ВГД, улучшенным ксеноновым освещение и компонентами эффективности V-LOCITY

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