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Retinal detachment needs urgent treatment. In this case surgical method is the major one. This method is called scleral buckling surgery.

The method is targeted at the detached retina restructuration with special band of silicone. This band (circular or local) is put on the external coat of the eye that allow to restore retina initial position and recover eyesight.

The main goal of this approach is to push bacillary layer and pigment epithelium together and minimize the rupture by adhesive chorioretinal inflammation (local aseptic (sterile) inflammatory process) foci. In such way retina “apposed” to the underlying vascular coat the and retinal detachment stops.

Treatment is carried out at OPTIMED:

  • Outpatiently;
  • Painless (combined anesthesia is applied);
  • Procedure time duration is 0.5-5 hours depending on the disease state and type.


  • Multiple macular ruptures;
  • Complete retinal detachment;
  • Failed buckling;
  • Need in an additional supporting element for episcleral buckles in case of multiple ruptures and thin sclera.    


  • Patient’s critical condition;
  • Secondary retinal detachment caused by intraocular tumors;
  • In this case, the presence of the eye chronic infections foci is considered a temporary and relative contraindication. A procedure can be carried out after the adequate care delivery.

Post-operative period:

  • Free checkups schedul determined by the physician;
  • Monitoring is carried out for 3 months;
  • Compliance with the physician’s treatment regimen and recommendations.

Post-operative period recommendations:

  • Exclude any mechanical effect on the eye: do not press, do not rub;
  • Reduce visual stress;
  • Do not drive until complete recovery;
  • Do not visit bath, sauna, swimming pool during the first month after surgery;
  • Avoid physical activity until complete recovery.
Price of services
  • Circular extrascleric buckling (1 eye)

    901,10 BYN
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  • Polyachenkov Sergey Vladimirovich

    Head Physician, Board Certified in eye surgery, Minsk

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